New!  Coming of age story of the life and loves of a young woman who uses her quick wit and even a quicker gun to overcome the trials of the Old West. 


Characteristically  of a Vadim story, expect the unexpected.

Vadimville 3, contains three novellas adapted from three of the author's screenplays: 

The Marrying Kind engages three

generations in a classically screwball



All I Want for Christmas brews chance meetings and mistaken identities into a charming Christmas romance, family-style, with all the trimmings.

In The Phenom, a young athlete's surprising triumphs in multiple sports and his mysterious disappearance with a girl is recounted with the authentic voice of a sportscaster insider.

Quaint, timeless, mysterious Vadimville.  Some beloved characters return in even funnier situations, or in navigating new twists and turns of an alternate reality:  old folks confronting tech developments, the classic dumb lucky detective, the spouses switching lives due to some trick of physics, the teen lovers who share a tragic history and a hopeful future.  



New inhabitants include a kind professional developing a country practice treating a very unusual population, a sanctuary where gray boys meet blue during the War Between the States, and shrewd women, imaginative children, insouciant men and of course, cool cars.  

vadimville collection of original stories

Vadimville, a collection of original stories, has a diverse population.  You will find monsters, murderers, runaways, and skeletons, along with gentle souls and everyday heroes.  Mystery and intrigue are everywhere. But a common thread ties all the residents together.... Expect the unexpected.





The author produces a plausible tale of a visit to earth by aliens. In his research for this story the author discovered that the description of "The New Jerusalem," found in The Book of Revelation, could actually be that of an immense  spaceship, suggesting an earlier interaction with an alien species.



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