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A peek inside

The ambient light was low, owing to the heavy drapes drawn over all of the windows in the penthouse apartment.  A sliver of light passed through a slightly open patio door, through the coinciding opening in the curtain, and finally fell upon the dining room table, which had been moved to the center of the room.  Upon the table lay a British L96A1 long-range rifle, and it was in the state of being aimed at a target almost a kilometer away.  A delicate finger squeezed the trigger and the weapon jumped, sending a supersonic projectile on its deadly path. 


The suppresser on the end of the barrel reduced the sound in the room to a mere pop, easily absorbed by the apartment walls.  Within a second another bullet was chambered.  While the sniper’s scope revealed her target falling, she was concentrating on her second victim. 

Another squeeze.  Another recoil.  And again.  Four seconds had passed.  The final target was on his hands and knees, crawling to safety.  He reached up to open the door, his last action in this world.

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