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A peek inside 

                                        From   What 'D Ya Say? 

     Having dozed in front of the TV, Wilhelm’s eyes snap open in response to the rhythmic flashing and he proceeds to the door to welcome his guest. 

     “What took you so long, you old codger?” Gunther shouts, “were you in the head?” 

     “No, I wasn’t in bed.  What are you doing here?” 

     “No, I don’t want a beer.  We’re going to the mall.” 

     “The Hall?  You mean the Lyons?” 

     “Why would I be lying?  We talked about this last week, remember?” 

     “Why are you bringing up September?  That’s months away.  I thought we’re going to the shore next week.  And I thought we were going to the mall this week to get new things to wear.” 

     “What’s wrong with my hair?  Oh, come on, I’ll wait for you in the car.” 

     “What?  You’re going far?  Where?  Aren’t we going to the mall?”

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