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Sea Spicer's Review of Vadimville

The following are excerpts from Sea Spicer’s review, “Visit Vadimville.” Be sure to check out the full review at

Sea Spicer observes that Vadimville will "have something you'll enjoy for any occasion, whether your taste runs to science fiction, mystery, humor, strange tales or simple, sweet and spot on relationship stories," and "the heroes of these stories are young and old, male and female, funny, smart and kind, loners but ready friends."

In Sea Spicer’s favorite, "Peas in a Pod", “…an old man and a boy meet up on a hiking trail and cagily conceal from each other who they are and where they are going, while forging a family in the course of their wilderness adventure."

“Code” and “CorrectAll” explore the "dangers (that) arise in morally ambivalent businessmen bearing the stomach churning pressures to increase profit, relentlessly pressing into service the individual talent they need."

“Danger can also be inscrutably blameless, natural and environmental…as in "Prey"; or the predation on children by a trusted representative of adult institutional authority as in "Dark Onion".”

"The students' flirtation and ultimate investigation of the mysterious "Dorchester House" has a Tom-and-Becky feel, even down to the page-turning edge-of-your-seat exploration of dark closets with long buried threatening secrets."

"…the background in "Code" is the computer programmer's refuge in his private happiness with his girlfriend then wife, which lends to the double meaning of the title: code writing, code breaking and the unresolved social question of the code of ethics or honor which governs the new young computer gods."

"One headstrong character is the smallest, "Teeny Tiny Tina". In perfectly consistent tone of simplicity and innocence a tiny doll tells her girl the history of unfortunate accidents and crimes in her new home. Vadim captures the voices of childhood and parenting precisely. The doll's tale is chilling in its guilelessness, and a super choice for Halloween or strange tales readalouds."

Spicer explores more of the stories in her blog,, providing unique insights and notable literary references. I heartily echo the concluding line in the review, “For everyone, welcome to Vadimville, and enjoy your visit."

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